Super Screw® is and innovative, durable and fast solution for splicing your rubber belts.

Tru-Trac is the exclusive supplier for their world renowned MLT range of Super Screw®, Super Screw Evolution® and Fix’N Go® products in Southern Africa. The Super Screw® is easy to install using unique screws which are self-tapping (they spread the carcass threads without cutting them).

The fasteners are made of composite material with reinforced rubber with various options available to match conveyor belt specifications including abrasion, oil resistant, heat and fire retardant.

Super-Screw® can also be used as a permanent splice and for the repair of holes and rips.

Super-Screw® Advantages:





Tru-Trac Super Screw Evolution

Tru-Trac Super Screw Original

Tru-Trac Mechanical Fasteners

Tru-Trac Fix ‘n Go (Belt Repair Patches)

Tru-Trac Splicing Installation Tool Kit

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